Pincoder Test ROMs Custom ROMs for your Williams System 3-7 Pinball Machine


Diagnostic ROM images by Pincoder Diagnostics Inc. – Version 2019.12.26.2048


Changes since the previous Release version:

* Slowed pulse rate (PIA1 Pin 4 – PA2) on 02-blanking from 2500Hz down to 120Hz to match
williams ROMs refresh rate.

* Eliminated ghosting from neighboring segments on displays.

* Added 11b-sounds test to allow sound card testing on the bench.

* Modified 10-solenoids to also fire a solenoid using the DIP_01 switch together with the
COMMAND ENTER button on the MPU board. Some games do not have a HIGH SCORE RESET button.

* Temporarily removed sys7/2K images.

* Rewrote the documentation for “01b-bus”. The ROM itself remains unchanged.

NOTE: Hyperball is not fully supported in this version. Specifically, the displays
ROM does not test the alphanumeric display in the playfield. However, I now have a
working hyperball board set and will release an update in the future that contains full
support for this machine. Hint: The sound test ROMS have already been verified to work in
Hyperball. I have not yet verified any other test ROMS in Hyperball.