FREE TDA2003 Audio Amplifier Chip*

This offer has expired

Thank you to all who participated in this offer – it has now expired. However, the Pincoder Adapter is still available.


This is the amplifier chip used on the sound board of Williams System 3 through 7 Pinball machines. It is possible they are used in other games as well, including other Williams games.

Check the chip on your sound board. If it says TDA2002 or TDA2003 you can replace it with this chip.

The TDA2002 is an 8 watt chip. The TDA2003 is a 10 watt chip. They are pin-for-pin compatible with each other.

How to install

Your sound board should already have a heat sink attached to the amplifier chip. When it comes time to replace the chip, be sure to use the following procedure:

  1. Disconnect and remove the sound board.
  2. Remove the existing nut and bolt that attaches the amplifier chip to the heat sink.
  3. Remove the solder from all of the amplifier chip pins.
  4. Remove the old amplifier chip.
  5. Install the new amplifier chip as-is. Do not yet attach the heat sink.
  6. Solder each of the pins. Be sure each pin is connected on both sides of the board.
  7. Check for solder overlapping multiple pins. Heat and clean up as necessary.
  8. Apply Heat Sink Compound to the entire back side of the new amplifier chip.
  9. Place the heat sink into position against the amplifier chip.
  10. Insert bolt and thread nut on. Ensure the nut is tight enough not to spin loose.
  11. Wipe off any excess Heat Sink Compound that may have squeezed out.
  12. Re-install and connect sound board.

How to Order / About the Adapter

You can find out more about the Pincoder Adapter and order one here: Pincoder Adapter